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Our mission is to unite diverse women of all backgrounds through incredible images in portraits in photography, who are living with a purpose, towards a common goal of harmonizing our talents, skills and abilities, into a network to honor and preserve the positive images of all women. We intend to change how women are viewed and our perception of ourselves by delivering powerful messages through and to the subjects and to the surrounding community. Our vision is to form an alliance among all women, the young and mature, of Sisters in Harmony and that it will be a recognized and respected movement. We envision that women of all colors, shapes, and sizes from all over the world will be encompassed in a whole new light. By using art, through photography, it will express the beauty within all women and allow them to tell a story of their own. We will uplift and dignify women once again in our communities and around the world. Our private, virtual community where the group networks, exchanges dialogue, write poetry, schedules and conduct events and shares family serves as a central point of communication and as our vehicle to accomplish this goal.  SiH is a 501C(3) organization.

Ruby Y. Burke

Vice President/Dir. Of Operations