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Are you okay? This is something that I have heard a lot during the past five (5) and a half years.  My statement has always been the same......"I am good". But am I?

Let's see, I went to Jamaica for my birthday.  I received a call from my daughter letting me know that someone had broken into my house. After an hour of crying, God slapped me around and said things are replaceable, your family is not, but they are okay,.  Be Grateful.

I lost my job of more than six years after learning that my 17 year old son was accepted into one of the best ranking film schools.  I did not have college money.  I prayed and again God slapped me around and said, “That is why I had you put money into your 401K”.  He said, I got your back.  I gave you a gift that will supply all of your needs.  My son went to college and graduated with with his Bachelors Degree in two years and his Masters Degree in one (at age 20).  Was it rough, yes it was, but God had us.

While working, I received a phone call stating that my house was on fire. You have got to be kidding me! I left work and my home was actually on fire. Through my tears, I heard God say, “Is more slapping necessary Ruby? Stop crying and take care of your family, you will have plenty of time for that pity party of yours.” I put my "OKAY" face on, got my 81 year old father and my 26 year old daughter, went to a hotel and to work the next morning.  My insurance covered everything.

While taking a bath, I heard my father calling downstairs to me.  Well, as it turned out my basement was flooding.  In the end, I had 5 feet of water in my basement apartment.  Everything I owned was destroyed.  Insurance don't cover contents for floods.  Therefore, I had to start all over from scratch on my own.  Well, with God's help and two years after the flood, my basement apartment is almost complete.

After taking inventory of my life, I found that almost everything I put on my vision board and in my vision book, God has manifested.  I have started replacing those things with others, because He has shown me that He is a God of Favor, Mercy and Grace.

So I say to everyone once and for all:


R.Y. Burke - Author

CEO/Children's Book Workshop, LLC

VP/Exec. Dir. of Operations

Dir. of Women and Children Empowerment Division 

    For Juma International, LLC