Ruby Y. Burke is a native of Washington, DC.  She began her writing career with the release of her first children’s book entitled, Yap-Yap, “The Talking Horse” in 2008 (republished in 2015).  She is also the author of “Survivors, Emancipation Day” 2nd Edition (republished 2014), which contains 20 stories of women who have survived life changing challenges.  In addition to being an author, Ruby is an entrepreneur, a mentor and a speaker.  She is the president/CEO of Children's Book Workshop(“CBW”) and the Vice President/Executive Director of Operations for Sisters in Harmony (“SiH”), a web based Economic Networking Organization (a 501c3 org.) which uplifts and encourages all genders and nationalities.  Ruby has recently been named the Director of Women and Children’s Empowerment Issues in Kenya and neighboring countries in Africa.  Her work with young ladies in the areas of self-esteem, goals and dreams and bullying, has earned her this prestigious title and has given her the platform to do work that is near and dear to her heart.  She is also the proud mother of three adult children.   She is a survivor of domestic violence and has chosen to become a survivor and not a victim, and this has allowed her to help other in similar situations.  Working with her business partner, Edmund Herman (Brother Umoja), has given her the courage to overcome her own challenges.


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